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Aileen Del Rosario Rondilla

“Charming Eyes”: Exploring Agency through the Beauty and Makeup Practices of Salesladies in Metropolitan Manila’s Department Stores

Regina M Hechanova, Arsenio S Alianan Jr., Angelique P Villasanta, Jason O Manaois, Camille Therese C Yusay, Avegale C Acosta, Katrine S Bunagan, Gayle A Gomez

A Pilot Evaluation of Katatagan Online: Benefits and Challenges of an Online Resilience Program in the Philippines during the COVID-19 Pandemic*

Raul Pertierra

Are the Youngsters Taking Over? The Second Modernity and the Digital Generation

Czarina Saloma, Erik Akpedonu

Bridging Manila’s Chinatown and Intramuros: The Belt and Road Initiative and Its Consequences for Historic Districts

Gilbert Jacob S. Que

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): Fostering People-to-People Bonds through Media Presence and Chinese Diasporic Awareness

Crezel D Barbonio-Obrero, Maria Nina Cadano-Howard, Nino Martin P Obrero

Competencies and Performance of Social Entrepreneurs in the Bicol Region

Derrace Garfield McCallum

Contentious Relations and Emotional Burdens: Remittances in Filipino Transnational Families

Christina Ayson Plank

Counter-Producing National Narratives Filipina Diasporic Artists Challenge the Global Health Care System

Tamari Kitossa

Criminology as Epistemic Necropolitics

Hannah Glimpse Nario-Lopez

Diskarte Lang: Dealing with Operational Challenges in a Philippine City Jail

Joselito T. Sescon, Philip Arnold P Tuaño, Rachel Joyce Marie O Sanchez, Jaime A Acevedo, Stephanie Ann Puen

Economics and Catholic Social Teaching: A Pedagogy of Navigating Rationality, Self-Interest, Altruism, and Reciprocity

Rhea Maningo

Examining Urban Poor Voices: Displacement and Resettlement of Informal Settlers in Metro Manila

Ron Bridget Vilog

Familism and Chain Migration: The Case of the Nikkeijin from the Philippines

Kristine Cabling

Foreign Language Policy and Pedagogy in the Philippines: Potentials for a Decolonial Approach

Guangghan Liang, Xiaowen Xie, Franz David Ong

Fostering Gender Equality in China: Empowerment Strategies Used by the Voice of Women — ENGLISH, Translated by Franz David Lim

Peng Hui, Huang Ziyang

Health Care in Metropolitan Manila During the American Colonial Era: A History of the Management of Infectious Diseases and Its Effects on the Practice of Chinese Medicine

Mark Remington Tan

Instances of Queerness in the Philippines: An Exploration of the Production of Gender in the Online and Offline Spaces of Queer Filipinos


Intermittent Departures, Returns, and the Incremental Acts of the Everyday: Paid Domestic Work and Insurgency in Sitio Sibol, Bohol

Fatima Waqi Sajjad

Lagging Behind Others?: An Exploration of Muslims’ Educational Outlook in Modern Times

Albert E. Alejo, S.J., Julz E. Riddle

Loob as Relational Interiority: A Contribution to the Philosophy of the Human Person

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