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Two Ecological Plays by Clarissa Regis

Paz Verdades M. Santos

Two Filipino Poets

Sister Maria Laurentina

Two Jesuit Letters from Mindanao

Jose S. Arcilla, S.J.

Two Jesuit Letters on the Mariana Missions, Written to the Duchess of Aveiro (1676 and 1680)

C. R. Boxer

Two Malay Worlds

Mary R. Hollnsteiner

Two Poems: A Preference for Name, From a Separate Lair

Fernando Afable

Two Priest Uncles of Margarita Roxas de Ayala

Luciano P.R. Santiago

Two Voices

Merlinda Bobis

Two Yankee Women at the St. Louis Fair: The Metcalf Sister and their Bagobo Sojourn in Mindanao

Cherubim A. Quizon

Typhoon Ondoy and the Translation of Disaster Expertise in Barangay Banaba, Marikina Valley

Loh Kah Seng

Typhoons and the Inequalities of Philippine Society and History

James Francis Warren

Unda: Catholic Broadcasting in Asia

Carlos Gill

Undecided Empire: The Travails of Imperial Representation of Filipinos at the Greater America Exposition, 1899

Michael C. Hawkins

Under the Aegis of Science: The Philippine Scientific Community before the Second World War

Jonathan Victor Baldoza

Underside of Independence Politics Filipino Reactions to Anti-Filipino Riots in the United States

Taihei Okada

Understanding Philippine Revolutionary Mentality

Milagros C. Guerrero

Undressing Rizal’s Message: Clothing and Gender in Noli me tángere

Stephanie Coo

Unequal Alliance, 1979-1986, by Broad

Leonardo L. Sta. Romana

Unequal Partners

Wilfrido Villacorta

Uniqueness and Category

Hernando Maceda

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