Article Titles

Tropical Plants: Practical Botany for the Tropics

Jaime C. Joaquin

True Believers: Higaunon and Manobo Evangelical Protestant Conversion in Historical and Anthropological Perspective

Oona Thommes Paredes

Trying to Read Villa

Rolando S. Tinio

Tuklas Sining, by Fernandez, et al.

Rene B. Javellana, S.J.

Tuklas Sining, edited by Tiongson

Rene Javellana, S.J.

Turn of the Century Emigration: Filipinos to Hawaii, Japanese to the Philippines

Lydia N. Yu-Jose

Turning Point, by Robert McClory

Vitaliano R. Gorospe, S.J.

Twenty Years of Philippine Studies

Editorial Introduction

Twenty-Five Years of Married Life: Silver Thread

Luis and Asuncion Sison

Twice Blessed, by Rosca

Gerald T. Burns

Twice Blessed, by Rosca

Danilo Francisco M. Reyes

Twilling Bata-Bata into Meritocracy: Merito-Patronage Management System in a Modern Philippine Corporation

Mari Kondo

Twin Sepultures

R. Torres Pandan

Two and a Half Centuries of the Galleon Trade

Benito Legarda, Jr.

Two Bibliography of Mission Studies: Christianity in Southeast Asia Bibliography of Theology of Missions in the Twentieth Century

John N. Schumacher

Two Bulosan Letters from America

Oscar V. Campomanes, Todd S. Gernes

Two Carloses: I Walked with Heroes and Sound of Falling Light

Miguel A. Bernard

Two Conflicting Views on Philippine Economy: A New Perspective Needed

Gerald H. Wilkinson

Two Current Studies on Philippine Political Development

Antonio E. Lapitan

Two Doctrines on Justification: "Fides" and "Caritas"

Antonio V. Romualdez

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