Article Titles

Traditional Handicraft Art of the Philippines; Natido Binwag Weaves the Bango; T'Boli Art in HS Socio-Cultural Context

Florentino H. Hornedo

Traditional Health Care Among the Tingyans

Dominic T. Gaioni, S.V.D.

Traditions and Themes in the Tagalog Novel

Soledad S. Reyes


Saturnino Abecia Jr.

Tragic Cavalier

Francisco Mallari, S.J.

Tragic Mountain: Manung-gal a Year after the Crash

Miguel A. Bernad

Trans-Pacific Distribution of the Honorific apu

John S. Carroll

Transformation of Church, edited by Cariño

Thomas H. Green, S.J.

Transforming Technologies: Altered Selves- Mobile Phone and Internet Use in the Philippines by Raul Pertierra

Randy Jay C. Solis

Translation as Argument: The Nontranslation of Loob in Ileto’s Pasyon and Revolution

Ramon Guillermo

Transpacific Femininities: The Making of a Modern Filipina by Denise Cruz

PSHEV Editorial Team

Transregional Southeast Asia: Perspectives from an Outlier

Caroline S. Hau

Trend Toward Sanity

L. A. C.

Trends in Asian Trade: Economic Survey of Asia and The Far East, by the United Nations

Gabriel Y. Itchon

Trends in Educational Legislation

J. G. Bernas

Tribes on the Davao Frontier, 1899-1941

Shinzo Hayase

Tribute to Aguinaldo: The Young Aguinaldo

Miguel A. Bernad

Tribute to Loyola: Commentarii Ignatiani 1556-1956

Francis X. Clark

Tropical Gothic Versus Joaquinesquerie: Quantifying Their Qualitative Differences

Jose Nilo G. Binongo

Tropical Gothic: Nick Joaquin Revisited

Joseph A. Galdon

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