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Rocío Ortuño Casanova

Drawing Spaniards in the Philippines: Displacement, Brutalization, and the Dissident Eye of Ignacio del Villar

Jerrick Josue David

Dulsita, ang Kabuuan ng Kontradiksyon ng Imahen ni Sharon Cuneta sa Pelikulang Pilipino

Rolando B. Tolentino

E. San Juan, Jr. at ang Diskursong Kulturang Popular

Elmer A. Ordoñez

E. San Juan, Jr.: Remembering the Struggles During Martial Law

Raphael Vergin, Hannah Reich

Education of Today Is the Security of Tomorrow!: Strengthening the Capacities to Create Secure Environments with Cultural Education

Vicente L. Rafael

Empire and Globalization: On the Recent Study of the Philippines in the United States

Danicar Mariano

En-Gendering Desire in Aida Santos’s Lesbian Poetry

Gerald T. Burns

Enemies and Friends: A Consideration of the Burnham Kidnapping

Sri Mulyani

Enmeshing Class, Gender, and Ethnicity of “Family” in Selected Fiction by Women Writers

Mark Louie Tabunan

Ethical Literary Criticism and Ariel Sotelo Tabag’s Panangsapul iti Puraw a Kabalio

Biwu Shang, Fong Keng Seng

Ethical Literary Criticism, Brain Text, and Ian McEwan's Machines Like Me

Zhenzhao Nie

Ethical Literary Criticism: Oral Literature and the Formation Mechanism of Brain Text

Gexin Yang, Hongxia Zheng

Ethical Selection and Brain Text: The Development of Ethical Literary Criticism

Maosheng Liu

Ethical Traditions in British Drama: A Case Study of Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw

E. Jr. San Juan

Excavating the Bulosan Ruins: What is at Stake in Re-Discovering the Anti-Imperialist Writing in the Age of US Global Terrorism?

Preciosa De Joya

Exorcising Communist Specters and Witch Philosophers: The Struggle for Academic Freedom of 1961

Wening Udasmoro

Experiencing Literature: Discourses of Islam through Michel Houllebecq’s Soumission

Yi Yang

Exploring Environmental Issues in Children's Literature: An Ecocritical Study of Zhang Wei's Works

Erik Paolo Capistrano, Michael Patent, Twila Bergania-De Vega

Exploring Fan Passions Driving Consumer Engagement: The Case of Philippine K-pop and K-drama Fans

Patrick D. Flores

Fall of Grace: Nora Aunor as Cinema

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