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Leoncio P. Deriada

Literature Engineering in West Visayas

Inas Samy Abolfotoh

Matter Really Matters: A Poetic Material Islamecocritical Reading of Inanimateness Animism

Carlos Villar Flor

Monsignor Quixote Rides Again: The Beginning of Graham Greene's Holidays in Spain

Jorge Mojarro

Nostalgia and Self-Fashioning in Retana's Recuerdos de Filipinas (1907-1909)

Raniela Barbaza

Orosipon Kan Bikolnon: Interrupting the Nation

Isabel Pefianco Martin

Pedagogy: Teaching Practices of American Colonial Educators in the Philippines

Flair Donglai Shi

Reborn Translated: Xiaolu Guo as a World Author

- Sudarmoko

Republishing Folktales: Their Audiences, Readers, and Influences in Modern Indonesian Literature

E. San Juan, Jr.

Response: Metakomentaryo sa Pagkakataon ng Kolokyum Ukol sa “The Places of E. San Juan, Jr.”

José Duke Bagulaya

Righting in the Novel Form: Memories of the State of Exception and Non-Juridical Rights in Ruth Firmeza’s Gera

Mauricio D. Aguilera Linde

Saroyan’s Filipinos: Undoing Invisibility and Silence in Subaltern Spaces

Virgilio S. Almario

Si E. San Juan Bilang "Interpretant"

Marjorie Evasco

Song and Substance: Women Writing Poetry in Cebuano

Marianne Rachel C. Gutierrez

Studying Teacher Cognition: The Interplay of Teacher Beliefs and Instructional Practice

Gloria G. Gonzales

The Alien, the Citizen, and the Triumphant Capitalist

Cristina Guillén Arnáiz

The Bago and the Matandá: Representations of the Colonizer in Spanish Narratives about the Philippines in the Late Nineteenth Century

Hidde Van der Wall

The City as Nation: Nick Joaquin’s Manila, My Manila as Nationalist History

Hidde van der Wall

The City as Nation: Nick Joaquin’s Manila, My Manila as Nationalist History

Yohanes Hartadi

The Colonial Doubling, or the Challenge for Colonial Authority

Luís Pedroso de Lima Cabral de Oliveira

The Descendente Elite of Goa: The Role of Literature in the Construction and Dismantling of Stereotypes

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