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The Business of Business … Now

James A. F. Stoner

The Challenge of Future Generations for Business Ethics

Daniel Arenas, Pablo Rodrigo

The Economy of Communion Model A Spirituality-Based View of Global Sustainability and its Application to Management Education

Katherine J. Lopez, Zaida L. Martínez, Linda B. Specht

The Francis Effect... and What It Might Mean for Us in Jesuit Business Education, and Perhaps for Others

Michael J. Garanzini, S.J.

The Management for Global Sustainability Opportunity: Integrating Responsibility, Sustainability, and Spirituality

Joseph F Mària SJ, Robert Sroufe

The Papal Encyclical Laudato Si’


The Role of Human Capital in Scaling Social Entrepreneurship

Dawn Harris, Yasemin Kor

The Role of ICT in Scaling Up the Impact of Social Enterprises

Ramon Fisac-Garcia, Manuel Acevedo-Ruiz, Ana Moreno-Romero, Thane Kreiner

The Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Global Sustainability: A Review

Wullianallur Raghupathi, Sarah Jinhui Wu, Viju Raghupathi

The Role of Mission Orientation in Sustainable Business Education

Stephen Morris, Erin Grogan

The Role of National Culture in the Relationship Between Sustainability Practices and Sustainability Performance

Cristina Sancha, Annachiara Longoni, Cristina Giménez

The Role of System Trust and Risk Perception in Providing Assets for Collaborative Consumption Schemes

Alain Decrop, Antje Ricarda Helena Graul

The Sustainability Mindset Indicator: A Personal Development Tool

Isabel Rimanoczy, Beate Klingenberg

The Values Proposition of Wellbeing Economies’ Infrastructure Innovation

Sandra Waddock, Steve Waddell

The Wicked Problems of Global Sustainability Need Wicked (Good) Leaders and Wicked (Good) Collaborative Solutions

Sandra Waddock

Toward a Quintuple Bottom Line in Higher Education Institutions: Sustainability Practices in Higher Education

Abraham Mulamoottil

Toward a Theory of the Arts and Sustainability


Towards a Human-Centered Theory and Practice of the Firm: Presenting the Humanistic Paradigm of Business and Management

Michael Pirson, Ernst Von Kimakowitz

Transforming Business Education: 21st Century Sustainable MBA Programs

Robert Sroufe, Stuart L. Hart, Hunter Lovins

Transforming Business Education: It’s about Time: a Systems Perspective on Incorporating Climate Change, Sustainability, and the Care for Our Common Future

Edward J Garrity

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