Liberation Ecclesiology: Context, Method, and Relevance for the Church in Asia Today

Christina Kheng: -



Globalized capitalist economy, with its desire for material progress at the expense of the dignity of human life and the created order, has resulted in rising injustices in Asia and elsewhere. How is the Church to respond to these challenging new realities in Asia? What does it mean to be Church in the fastest-growing economic region of the world? Where are we called to stand in the face of spiraling imbalances in economic, social, and political power? Christina Kheng weaves her thoughts within the paradigm of liberation theology. The method, ecclesiology, and concerns of Latin American liberation theologians can be of help to the Church of Asia. A keen awareness of the social location of the individual Asian churches will generate greater sensitivity to the concrete experiences of the marginalized. True liberation is achieved in the creative tension between the present temporal and the future eschatological realms.

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