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  1. The Author grants the Publisher the sole and exclusive license of the full copyright in the Contribution, which license the Publisher hereby accepts. Consequently, the Publisher shall have the exclusive right throughout the world to publish and sell the Contribution in all languages, in whole or in part, including, without limitation, any abridgement and substantial part thereof, in book form and in any other form including, without limitation, mechanical, digital, electronic and visual reproduction, electronic storage and retrieval systems, including internet and intranet delivery and all other forms of electronic publication now known or hereinafter invented.
  2. The Author warrants and represents that the Contribution does not infringe upon any copyright or other right(s), and that it does not contain infringing, libellous, obscene or other unlawful matter, that he/she is the sole and exclusive owner of the rights herein conveyed to the Publisher, and that he has obtained the customary permission from the copyright owner of his legal representative whenever a passage from copyrighted material is quoted or a table or illustration from such material is used. The Author will indemnify the Publisher for, and hold the Publisher harmless from any loss, expense or damage occasioned by, any claim or suit by a third party for copyright infringement or arising out of any breach of the foregoing warranties as a result of publication of the Contribution. The Contribution shall be delivered to the Publisher free of copyright charges.
  3. The Author guarantees that the Contribution to the Work has not been previously published elsewhere, or that if it has been published in whole or in part, any permission necessary to publish it in the Work has been obtained and provided to Eleven International Publishing together with a statement of the original copyright notice.
  4. The Author declares that any person named as co-author of the contribution is aware of the fact and has agreed to being so named.
  5. The publisher confirms that the following rights are reserved to the Author:
    1. The right after publication to take over the Contribution free of charge, in whole or in part, in a compilation of own works in print, such as a collection of own articles and/or lectures.
    2. The right after publication to quote the Contribution and/or build on the content of the Contribution, on condition that this does not constitute a reproduction of the Contribution.
    3. The right to reproduce the Contribution in a limited number of copies for the sole purpose of private practice.
    4. The right to include a part of the Contribution in a collection as support to lectures and presentations given by the Author, on condition that the normal exploitation of the Contribution by the Publisher is not harmed.
    5. The right to make announcements of the Contribution public in relevant circles.
    6. All the intellectual and industrial property rights or any similar rights with respect to (the protection of) methods, processes, designs and models described in the Contribution.
    7. The right three months after publication to upload the Contribution on SSRN

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